How to Update VXDIAG VX Manager, Firmware, License and Driver

Here is the newbie instruction to update VXDIAG VX Manager, Firmware, License and Drivers. The instructions can be applied to all VXDIAG VCX NANO, VCX SE and VCX Plus diagnostic tools.

How to Update VXDIAG VX Manager?

Visit official website and download the latest version vx manager driver.

Update Vx Manager

or download here directly

Here is current version 1.8.9 on Mega as well.

Then install vx manager.

Vxdiag Vx Manager

(Install it on Win7, Win8, Win10. WinXP is not supported).



How to Install and Update VXDIAG Device Driver?

Connect vcx nano/vcx se or vcx plus with laptop via USB cable

Go to the Diagnostic tab in vx manager.
Make sure your Passthru and corresponding device driver are installed.

Vxdiag Vx Manager Drivers

If not installed, press icon and “Install” it.

If there is a purple icon of the driver which means there is a new software version update that needs newer driver support.
Press the corresponding driver and Update driver.

Update Device Driver 2

Update Device Driver

How to Update VXDIAG Scanner Firmware?

After installing latest vx manager, connect press Firmware upgrade

Vxdiag Vx Manager
Check if there is a new VCI update, Press Yes to update
If it is DoIP device, update both VCI and DoIP firmware.

Vxdiag Vx Manager Firmware

How to Update VXDIAG License?
Press “Update License”
Vxdiag Vx Manager License

NOTE: Always update firmware first, then update license afterwards.

Check when your license will expire in “Licenses” tab.

Vxdiag license should be renewed every 60 days starting from year 2021.

Renew license requires update vxdiag vci firmware as well.

Vxdiag Vx Manager License 2


Some Common errors and solutions about vx manager firmware, license and diver:

1). If vx manager has error  “Updated license failed! Retry. ErrorCode:8001”

Vxdiag Error Code 8001 2

Make sure you have updated both VCI and DoIP firmware.

Then update firmware and license again. Sometimes need to update firmware and license for several times to set it up.


2). No device in vx manager

Vxdiag No Device

1. Please check if the vx manager is newest v1.8.9 version. If not, please uninstall old version, then download new version from Install the new version vx manager to try again.

2. If still no device, please change USB port or USB cable to try.

3. Disconnect device from laptop and car, after 3 minutes, connect again.

4. Please open Network connection on control panel, find Ethernet (Realtek USB FE Family Controller), check the IP address is correct. Correct IP should be or IP is not correct, need to reset firmware.


3). Error : “The device license for this application is invalid or expired ” when install device driver.

Vxdiag Vcx Pro License Invalid Expired Solution 03

VX Manager manager is too old. Update to latest version and try again.


4).  License invalid, please update VCI.

Solution: The error is usually caused by missing license. Check available license in “Licenses” area
If cannot see your license, contact your dealer to add license to your vcx se.


5). Not Found Device or License.

Solution: It is driver problem Update firmware in vx manager.

Then re-install devicedriver.


6).  Update license Failed. Error 4001
There was an error communicating with the server.

Solution: Always update the firmware first, then update license.