Read and Write Fiat IAW 59F with KT200

Fiat Marelli 59F ECU has been done many times by the KT200 ecu programmer without problem.


Check if your hardware version is >100 or <100.


Marelli 59F HW <100

Iaw 59f hw≤100 read/write ok!

reads and saves eeprom automatically, then asks if you want to continue reading flash.

Select driver

->Marelli ECUs
->IAW 59F Motorola HW<100 FULL SYSTEM

Kt200 Fiat 59f 2

Kt200 Fiat 59f 3

Kt200 Fiat 59f 4

Kt200 Fiat 59f 5


Marelli 59F HW >100

hw105, hw305, hw603 and many other versions were tested fine.

Bench pinout Marelli 59F HW >100

Kt200 Fiat 59f 6

Read and write on bench successfully.

Kt200 Fiat 59f 11

Kt200 Fiat 59f 7

Kt200 Fiat 59f 8

Kt200 Fiat 59f 9

Kt200 Fiat 59f 10

If you have a problem read ID or read eeprom of 59F with KT200, check the following:

1. Check your hardware version

2. Make sure the correct plug you are pinned into. Sometimes users made wrong pin. Pin is on other plug, rotate ecu on 180 degree.

3. Restart computer, repin ECU, make sure MFC is connected tightly and try again, otherwise suspect ECU.