Xdiag vs Diagzone

What is the difference between the two applications Xdiag vs diagzone?

Xdiag Vs Diagzone

They both do the same thing. They both do normal coding. But still have differences.


1. You pay extra by diagzone for scan electric vehicle and also motorcycle. Diagzone version (old version in red) is only beta and does not work fine. For example tpms not working.

TPMS feature is not currently available on Xdiag and Diagzone old verison.

Regarding diagzone pro (new version in blue) you can work with TPMS function and use Topology scanning.


2. Xdiag has better look, it is like the current original Launch X431 software. and the most important is that Xdiag pro3 has at all menus the TRANSLATE button, DZ has only later, only at finish/results page the translate button. It is a deal Breaker / big difference for people who not speak english well!


3. Both of them support adaptations and immo functions, xdiag has two immo resets (immo and immo prog) diagzone has one (immo)! it can be also a plus point for xdiag pro3!


4. Diagzone has more VW and Audi functions.


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6. Although with Diagzone you don’t need update after two years and have 28 special functions, it costs far more than a well-functioned Thinkdiag.
Xdiag vs Diagzone
In summary, they will have the same and equal functionality. The graphics and the price make them different.
are the same functions with different names. I’ve used them both times and they work identically, except the TPMS feature, which is not currently available on Xdiag.
If you want professional we recommend Launch X431 and Autel for Android.