MAN Truck PTM Module JTAG Connection

Need help or advice I have truck MAN TGS 2014 PTM module with mcu M29w160EB I have Autel IM608 with INKPA adapter for this mcu. But i can not see any mask for read this mcu.

Kt200 MAN TGS 2014 1


Autel or Xhorse will not read this mcu.

You can use a cheap MiniPro TL866 to read the chip and Tmpro2 to program a T5 transponder.

Alternatively if you have a KT200 or Foxflash programmer you can read PTM module too.



MAN PTM module pinout to KT200/Foxflash

Kt200 MAN TGS 2014 4

To read and write us the following driver

  1. BDM/Jtag Mode
  2. Jtag Nexus MPC/SPC
  3. MPC 55xx

Kt200 MAN TGS 2014 5

Kt200 MAN TGS 2014 3

Or check wiring like this

MAN PTM JTAG connection

Ptm Man Ptm Man 1