Nissan Infiniti “I-Key System Error” Solution

Here comes the common problem with Nissan or Infinity vehicles. After programming a key (all keys lost), the key works and car starts. But there’s a message “I-key system error” on the dashboard.

Nissan I Key System Error 1

I. “I-key system error” and Fault Code B26E

B26E CRNT hood switch CAN diagnosis error

Nissan I Key System Error 2

For example on a 2016 Nissan Altima. Everytime start this car getting this error message, The car starts fine. The battery and the key are good. Autel IM608 pulls this code “Hood switch CAN diagnosis error”. Basically, this car is set up for a remote start.
If your button has the remote start button on it you’re supposed to have a hood latch installed as well with the electrical connector on it.

Nissan I Key System Error 4

Take this off here. You need millimeter to remove the two bolts.

This could just slide out your hood latch should have a wire harness coming off of it.

You need to make sure that harness is connected and not messed up.

Nissan I Key System Error 5

Nissan I Key System Error 6

Nissan I Key System Error 7

Or like this

Nissan I Key System Error 8
Once you connected, the message goes away.

It’s just a regular hood latch. They did a bunch of recalls on these and when they do a remote start install.

You get two new keys and a new hood latch with an electrical connector on it so check that here’s the part number for the hood latch with the electrical connector and that’s it solved this problem.

If anyone out there had a hood latch recall replacement by the dealership and received an I Key System Error message on the dash afterwards, check to see if there is a lose connection first.



II. “I-key system error” and Fault Code B2604

Fault code B2604 CRNT PNP/CLUTH SW

Nissan I Key System Error 3

For example a 2017 Infiniti QX60,  remote start works, trunk works, car starts but it continues to show I-Key system error.


Wrong key is used. Wrong button # key. If you used a 4 or 5-button remote, you need to use the opposite.

Once you get the correct buttons you will need to erase and start over some will take 1 some will take 2 to clear the message.

when you get the right key and all the functions work right you can do a battery rest and the code should go away.