FoxFlash VAG Simos 18.1 via OBD or Boot Mode?

Can Foxflash read and write VAG simos 18.1 ecu via obd or must in Boot mode?


OBD Mode:

Read and write OBD requires the file to be on server.  Foxflash engineer confirmed it will do some Simos 18.1 via OBD (VR) but not all.
VR means it downloads the original file from server. You can modify that, then write with OBD.

SIMOS 18.x
When you are doing an SIMOS18.x ECU from the VAG group, if you will supply full Ori BIN file, we can have this added to Server for testing the OBD driver for this ECU. We will need the full info as shown.

Foxflash Vag Simos 18 1 Via Obd


Boot Mode:

Simos 18.1 boot mode tested working with foxflash.

For example: Porsche Macan simos 18.1 password read, boot mode read write ok with fox flash

Foxflash Porsche Macan Simos 18Foxflash Porsche Macan Simos 18 2

Boot mode procedure is the same as KT200, check here

How to Read and Write Simos 18 ECU with KT200?