How to Fix HHT-WIN Missing Mercedes R129?


I’m very new to SDS (MB Star diagnostic system). I have finally got HHT to connect to the car. Got to learn all about Hyper-V, awesome. Now, all models seem to display, except for my 129? Does anyone know how to fix this, or why it’s happening?

Hht Win R129 1

Hht Win R129 2

Here is the fix for missing R129 in HHT-WIN:


You will find the file (for example on Windows 7).

Go to c:\Program Files\Mercedes-Benz\HHT\PKW

Right click on HHTPKW.exe
Select “Create shortcut”. Put it on the desktop.

Right click the new shortcut. Select Properties.
On the line labeled Target: , add the following to the very end of the line:

There has to be a space between the rest of the existing line, and the -b129

So it should look like …\HHTPKW.EXE” -b129

You can also create another shortcut and replace the -b129 with -b140 for the W140.

Or you can copy and paste this entire line into Target, replacing what’s already there:

“C:\Program Files\Mercedes-Benz\HHT\PKW\HHTPKW.EXE” -b129

Note that the quotes MUST remain.

My HHTPKW.EXE was not in that Program Files section, but at the root of the c drive, but you can find exactly where the file is located by Right-Clicking the HHT short cut, and scrolling to “Open File Location”, and it will take you there. MINE did NOT have the quotes either, so I left them out.

It worked! I found this hidden second hhtwin executable and did the target stuff and boom I can diagnose r129!


HHT Version

If you use hht-win stand alone it has to be a mb star c3 stand alone only supports rs232.
I would still recommend a mb sd c4 doip with xentry the installation is a bit more challenging but than you can work on newer models as well.

If need a corrected version with R129, download Link: HHT-Win.msi.

You need to test by your side.