How to Set up FoxFlash Manager Software on 3 PC?

Possible to install and activate FoxFlash manager software on another laptop?  Will it be possible to use on 2-3 computers? It would be great for us who are multiple persons in 1 company. As well for us who work outside the workshop.


Yes, you can set up foxflash manager app on up to 3 laptops. 


Version 1.3.0 of the FoxFlash Manager is now available. The manager has been improved and now 3 computers to 1 tool.

Download latest FoxFlash manager on

After download, restart foxflash Manager, install drivers.

Your tool can now be used on a total of 3 computers without need to unbind.

It’s automatic now , needn’t send email for active 3 pcs.

1 tool can bind at 3 pc at the same time now. Use the same email tool links.

Foxflash V13


Good news for users FOX FLASH. it’s working with 2-3 Pc. Thanks support foxflash.

Foxflash Laptop Pc 1

Foxflash Laptop Pc 2

Foxflash Laptop Pc 3