How to Use KT200 Offline Workstation with USB Dongle?

Does KT200 work with internet disconnected? Yes, KT200 now has a new dongle (offline workstation) for online.


Why could need offline module?

1.It’s convenient for outdoor work.

2. To go to a client without internet.

3. Some people worry about the online server goes ways.  (KT200 actually has backup servers to ensure its tool is always operational for users).


ECUHELP KT200 offline workstation. No need to connect to internet. Just plug the USB dongle (as shown below), the KT200 reads and writes the ECU /TCU via OBD/Bench/Boot/BDM/Jtag as perfectly as KT200 online version. Please note: KT200 offline workstation works with KT200 Full Version only. If your device is Auto version, please upgrade to full version first.
KT200 offline workstation is friendly for the outdoor ECU tunning where the internet is not accessible or the signal is too weak to connect. KT200 offline workstation makes ECU tunning easier.
Please be informed: even with the USB dongle, your KT200 still need to connect to the KT200 online server once every 15 days.


What’s required to work offline?

You will need to use a kt200 offline workstation.

Kt200 Offline Dongle 1

Current offline version: 2022.11.20

Kt200 Offline Software

It is only available for the KT200 full configured version. Basic Auto version users can’t use offline workstation, must update auto version to full version first.

All customers who purchase the full configuration version from can get a set of offline workstation equipment for free (device is free, we charge 50USD for shipping cost.)

Users who purchase from other channels are not eligible for this activity.
The campaign lasts until 2022.12.30.


How to Use KT200 Offline Workstation?

1. Plug in the black USB disk, run the setup, and install the KT200 Software
Kt200 Offline Workstation 1
Kt200 Offline Workstation 2

2. After installing KT200 Software, make sure the C drive has a capacity of 15G or more.

3. Make sure you have enough space to run the installation of KT200_ftp.
Kt200 Offline Workstation 3

4. After completing the installation, insert the dongle and run the KT200.exe program to complete the first update activation.
Kt200 Offline Workstation 4

Press Yes to activate
Kt200 Offline Workstation 5

5. Complete the activation and run software.



KT200 read JCB EDC17CV44 with offline workstation