Free Download Subaru Select Monitor SSM4 26.6 Torrent

Here we provide Subaru Select Monitor 4 (SSM4) 26.6 [07/2021] Torrent free download, no pass.


SSM4 26.6 [07.2021] Torrent

Year / Release Date: 2021/July
Version: 26.6
System Requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Instructions for starting without activation included.

Compatible interface: Subaru Select Monitor or good j2534 / PassThru device (Openport 2.0 etc).

Subaru Select Monitor 4

How to Activate SSM4 by yourself?

Run SSM4.
Run WinSpy.
In WinSpy, click Tree and in the window that appears, click Activation and Skip 2 times with the left mouse button.
Click on Command in the WinSpy window and enable the Enabled checkbox.

Subaru Select Monitor 4 Activation


You must change date on your PC to June 2020 and install only SSM4. SSM3 is part of ssm4 and does not need a separate installation.



Working experience:

Install worked great for me on two W10 computers.
It’s working fine for my 2018 Crosstrek.
I’m using Tactrix Openport 2.0 passthru.

First install the Openport 2.0 driver.
Connect the openport dongle.
Start SSM and select Openport 2.0 from the I/F settings.
(Openport 2.0 Does Not Appear in I/F List Without a Dongle)

Openport With Ssm4

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