KT200 Read Mercedes MG1CP002 ECU on Bench

KT200 ecu programmer read Mercedes Benz C43GT 2019 MG1CP002 ECU successfully.

Read and write all ok.

Set it up on Win10x64 using KT200 software 22.11.01.

Checksum manually. Checksum with original WinOLS v5 license.

Don’t know if cracked have it. You can test yourself if cracked 4.7 works on mg1.

Kt200 Bosch Mg1cp002 2

KT200 pinout to Bosch MG1CP002 SPC5777 Mercedes

Kt200 Bosch Mg1cp002 1


Kt200 Bosch Mg1cp002 3

Kt200 Bosch Mg1cp002 4