How to Activate Subaru HBA Function with Openport + SSM4?

Tutorial: How to activate the HBA (high beam assistant) function on Subaru using Openport 2.0 passthru and SSM4 (Subaru Select Monitor IV) software.


I got an Openport 2.0 full chip adapter from to try and poke around potential hidden settings in my 2019 Subaru Forester (High beam assist, reversing mirror tilting, window close while locking, etc).  Since the adapter was pretty cheap, I thought let’s try it out. I bought the Full Chip version from this vendor. If need a professional job, vxdiag subaru is better.

Openport Ssm4 Activate Subaru Hba 1

I also downloaded the SSM4 26.6 version via a torrent I found here. I had to turn back the date on the laptop to before June 2020 otherwise it would fail to install.

I installed SSM4 (Subaru Select Monitor 4) in a Win 10 laptop, the adapter is recognized correctly via USB. I also downloaded the drivers from Tactrix website, however, it apparently was not needed as Windows 10 recognized the Openport adapter just fine.

I have to choose the right Openport adapter to be used in SSM4 in the settings. It connected right away and determined the VIN number myself.

Openport Ssm4 Activate Subaru Hba 2

I had to use WinSpy to enable the “Skip” button on SSM4 since I did not have the activation code, instructions are on the forums where SSM4 torrents are published.

Last hurdle was that there was no communication between the adapter and the car, and that was because you have to select which adapter to use in SSM4.

Finally enabled the High Beam Assist function, which is turned off by default in my region (not sure why), still have to test it out and see how it goes at night.

Then just went to the Customization tab in SSM4, and started going over the possible settings, until I found the HBA in the “Body” section, set it to enable via “EyeSight”, not the mirror one, and then applied change, and voila.
Openport Ssm4 Activate Subaru Hba 3

Openport Ssm4 Activate Subaru Hba 6


Openport Ssm4 Activate Subaru Hba 4


Openport Ssm4 Activate Subaru Hba 5



Also added the remote key window close function, which was not enabled. Now I can close the front windows with the key fob even if the car is off, not so for the rear ones, which are not one-touch, for some weird reason.



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