KT200 Read PSA EDC16C3 via BDM or Bench?

A few people reported an issue with PSA EDC16C3 with KT200 on bench mode. No way to read this ecu by bench.  They tried to connect to an EDC16C3 ECU and, an isntant after I click on “connect” button, the error message appears. But work on the same ECU in BDM mode and it works without problems.

Kt200 Read Psa Edc16c3 3 Kt200 Read Psa Edc16c3 4

Well usually BDM with EDC16C3 works and bench we need to find a way.

It works 100% with psa ecus. I’ve done 5 ecus since I have kt200. many have read ok on bench though. Just follow the instructions pinout with the 1K resistor. read and write. But only psa ecus, not renault. Renault ecus only with bdm.

Good Internet firewall rules time and date etc there is alot that needs to be setup for a successful read.

Kt200 Read Psa Edc16c3 5 Kt200 Read Psa Edc16c3 6

Using this Bosch EDC16C3 MPC556 Citroen Peugeot bench pinout

Kt200 Read Psa Edc16c3 1

Kt200 Read Psa Edc16c3 2

How to set resistance do you have to cut the cable?? There is no cable in Y separation.

just make simple Y cable.


If no luck with KT200 on bench, try fgtech/ktag on bench mode or KT200 BDM mode.

Easy ECU to Open. BDM read Flash Micro Eeprom and done.