How to Read and Write Bosch EDC17CP52 with KT200?

FCA Mitsubishi Bosch EDC17CP52 users’ working experience: KT200 manual does not specify to use capacitor Tried without cap could not get to connect till add cap 10uf/25V and successfully enters programming read/write/checksum.

Kt200 Read Edc17cp52 1 Kt200 Read Edc17cp52 2

if you look in your KT200 Kit supplied, you will see 2 blue small adapter pins – these include the built in capacitors. There is no need to use external as connected, on CP and CV it is advisable to use if you cannot get connection.

blue i believe depending on kit supplier D48conn04

Kt200 Read Edc17cp52 3

BOSCH EDC17 CP52 [ 1797 ] – Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia [Diesel] Pinout to KT200

Kt200 Read Edc17cp52 5