How to Modify Fetrotech Tool Silver to Work Alone?

Possible to make Fetrotech tool silver version work alone without pcmtuner?  Yes, it is possible. Some users have managed to make it work alone.


The Fetrotech tool silver works with pcmtuner because PCMtuner has a bridge at this point. It works on the same software, the difference is in the bridge.

Here is the main board of both black and silver version and you can see the difference easily.

Modify Fetrotech Tool To Work Alone 2

Fetrotech black board with bridge

Modify Fetrotech Tool To Work Alone 1

Fetrotech silver board without bridge


If you want your silver fetrotech to work alone. Then do a little modification. That is the difference between black and silver. much more comfortable work.


User feedback:

I did it and it’s work, made a bridge in silver fetrotech PCB and now work standalone. It works perfectly, I tested on edc17cp14.

You are at your own risk.