How to Purchase, Activate and Use FCA AutoAuth for Autel Scanners?

Here is the Autel official guideline for FCA Secure Gateway AutoAuth.



The SGW blocks unauthorized access and manipulation of vehicle networks and vital systems.

FCA says the SGW was developed not to restrict access to diagnostic data but rather to restrict “the ability of non-registered and non-authenticated users to perform intrusive diagnostics such as bi-directional controls.”  Beyond the prevention of bi-directional capability, which include calibrations, relearns and actuations, even the simple act of clearing a code is denied.


Vehicle Coverage:

Vehicles: Chrysler, Fiat,Jeep and Dodge Vehicles, 2018+

Diagnostics: Clear Codes, Bi-Directional Function, Active Tests, Actuations and Relearns.


Where to Purchase AutoAuth License?

North American Registration/Login Address:
Europe Registration/Login Address:


MX808, MK808/TS/BT ,DS808,MS906/TS/BT, MS906s, MS906pro, MS908, MS908spro, MS908pro, MS909, MS909 Lite, MS919, Elite, Ultra, Ultra Lite, IM608,IM100,  D1, D1 pro,D1 MAX and more…

Autel Autoauth Fca Guideline 1

I. How to activate & access your AUTOAUTH account?

Authorized OEM Access account registration

  1. Visit or EU site above
  2. Click ‘Register
  3. Complete ‘User Signup’ fields
  4. Verify account via Email and agreeing to the terms
  5. Login with your Email Address or Username created
  6. Enter Payment and Shop Information

Autel Autoauth Fca Guideline 2

II.Confirm compatible diagnostic platform

  1. Select ‘Manage Tools’ from the left menu, click ‘Add Tool’
  2. Choose MANUFACTURER, TOOL MODEL, manufacturer choose Autel US Inc

WARNING:Serial number MUST be entered
correctly, otherwise SGW access will not work

Autel Autoauth Fca Guideline 3


III.Immediate authorized secure gateway access

  • Select ‘Manage Usersfrom the left menu, click ‘Add Users

NOTE:Your user capacity will depend on the plan your shop has chosen.

A. For both AutoAuth Standard and Standard Plus: Upon initial shop registration, there can be up to 6 users including the shop owner account.
B. For AutoAuth Enterprise: There is no limit.

Autel Autoauth Fca Guideline 4

IV: How to use SGW Secure Gateway Access FCA Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat Vehicles

SGW area choose ‘Other regions

Video reference link:

Autel Autoauth Fca Guideline 5

V: How to feedback

If FCA SGW unlock failed,  please check below steps,

1.Check whether autoauth account in valid and within the valid period.

2.Check vehicles after 2018 year,
3.Please provide VIN and MMY (Make/ Model/Year),etc
4.Please share a short video, tell the SN for the tablet and upload datalog

How to upload datalog


If use Launch X431 scanners, access FCA AutoAuth ad following:

How to Purchase FCA Security Gateway AutoAuth for Launch X431 Scanner?


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