KT200 Read and Write VAG EDC17C64 via OBD VR

Audi A4 B8.5 2015 2.0TDI EDC17C64 KT200 ecu programmer automatically virtual read 10 seconds without problem.
VIRTUAL READ + write OBD. write/checksum – ok, no problem 10 min.
100% honest and sure. Virtual read 100%, compared file to pcmflash original and it is same.

Look in photos

Kt200 Read Audi Edc17c64 Vr Obd 1

Kt200 Read Audi Edc17c64 Vr Obd 2

Kt200 Read Audi Edc17c64 Vr Obd 3

Another review

Edc17c64 virtual read write ok dpf egr off. read it automatically downloads the file from the server you edit it and the turn is play. write 12mnt

Edc17c64 Virtual Read Write Ok Dpf Egr Off

Foxflash will also read and write VAG EDC17C64 via OBD VR

Virtual reading and writing by OBD – OK

Foxflash Edc17c64 Obd Vr 1 Foxflash Edc17c64 Obd Vr 2


Read and write on bench ok as well.
Kt200 Read Audi Edc17c64 On Bench

KT200 EDC17C64 bench pinout


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