Foxflash Read Fiat Marelli 9DF via OBD or Jtag Mode?

KT200 full or Foxflash read and write Fiat MARELLI 9DF via both OBD and bench mode.


HW000, no need to Open, 25min read (with eeprom), 10min write. HW001 if not Open 2.5/3h read, you have to open and JTAG to read eeprom. HW002 same as HW001.
OBD write never fails, if it stops or fail to write, do not turn off ignition, just open KT app again, and try, it will write.
OBD write allways about 10min to write.


OBD mode:


Fiat Ducato 2.3 150KM 2017 Euro 6 Marelli 9DF read and write with KT200/Foxflash via OBD2 ok.
Flex gave up this OBD yesterday.

Virtual file was automatically downloaded to the desktop.
real read and vr 2 separate files.

Actual ecu reading via OBD OK!

(about 2 hours 50 minutes. it takes a long time. The network is very important.  Next time i will use iPhone for Internet)

Writing ECU DTC off via OBD OK!
(about 10 minutes)
Great equipment.  Impressive knocks.

Kt200 Fiat Ducato 2.3 150KM 17y. 9DF

BDM/JTAG mode:

KT200 /Foxflash read MARELLI 9DF – Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia [Diesel] very fast via BDM.

Kt200 Marelli 9df Pinout 1

Kt200 Marelli 9df Pinout 2

KT200 MARELLI 9DF pinout

RED: + 12V




Kt200 Marelli 9df Pinout 3

Select Driver- BDM/Jtag mode- JTAG Nexus MPC/SPC- BDM/JTAG



The latest Marelli 9DF or Marelli 9DF with recent software updates no longer allow Full System communication.
When this happens, KT200 still allows to read the control unit in standard mode and the reading time is extended considerably.
EEPROM management is no longer allowed.
Writing can only be done via OBD on the vehicle using the driver in the CAR obd section.
Note: If the car has the SGW system, you must bypass it !
It remains always valid the method in JTAG to read and write the ECU completely.

Follow the instructions below:

SGW Secure GateWay for Model Year > 2018 – FCA

Many of the FCA MY 2018 models are adopted of a security control unit: the gateway device “SGW”
It’s located within the CAN network and communicates in an encrypted mode.
If you are working on an FCA model from 2018 the reading may therefore not be allowed.


To remedy this, proceed as follows:

Turn off the switchboard and wait for the delayed power shutdown (power latch)


Locate the SGW control box usually mounted near the steering column. In some cases it is necessary to remove the under steering wheel housing for better access

Kt200 Marelli 9df Pinout 4

Disconnect the two connectors A and B of the SGW control unit.


Connect the Y-cable and plug it directly into the two connectors. The Y-adapter cable for the SGW bypass can be found commercially (i.e FCA 12+8 gateway adapter).

Kt200 Marelli 9df Pinout 5

Connect the foxflash via the orange OBD cable and you can now read and write the ECU


If you don’t have the bypass cable, you can connect directly with needles on the CAN H and CAN L wires behind the ECU connector connected to the vehicle harness using the multifunction KT200 cable. For +12V and ground connect directly to the battery of the car.



Kt200 Marelli 9df Pinout 6

When finished, switch off the switchboard and wait for the delayed power supply (power latch) to switch off and reset the SGW system.

Hope it helps.