Free Download Renault CAN CLIP V220 for SVCI J2534

We have discussed Renault CAN Clip Yes and No passthru interface before.  Polish users found it also can be used with STIC SVCI J2534 passthru adapter.


Here comes the free Renault CAN Clip V220 for svci


VM Windows 10 PPRO X64 PL Renault Can Clip V220 + ReProg V191 for STIC SVCI J2534


(password: cswm2022)

Image Windows 10 PRO x64 Polish language.

Installed and activated Renault Can Clip V220 prepared to work with STIC SVCI J2534 interface as pass thru.

Iso reprog v191 image left on desktop.

Renault Clip Tool By Mr Rorry is also included in the system.

The image was prepared using VMware Workstation 16 Pro version 16.2.3 build-19376536
English version should be launched soon.

The installation is adapted to work with this device

Stic Svci J2534 Win10 Installation 03


The developer has a native Clip installation, it detects the interface connects to the car, the only thing it has trouble with, but it’s obvious CAN M.
You have to configure the register entry for Windows 10 x64 recorder after which Clip will detect this interface as Pass Thru
Here is the clue.