Autel IM608 2013 Dodge RAM Error Code B1A0B Solution

Here comes the problem:

I added a smart key ( after market) with autel im608 in my boss truck 2013 Dodge ram 1500 and it did work for 4 days. Today I added a new one ( also after market) and it worked for 3 hours. Scan systems and show the next code B1A0B-00… any help would be greatly appreciated.

2013 Dodge Ram Key Stop Working 1 2013 Dodge Ram Key Stop Working 2 2013 Dodge Ram Key Stop Working 3


Your problem is the key. It happened to me a couple of times already with unlocked and chinese keys.

This happens VERY often when using aftermarket or Universal keys. They often never lock and very often fail.

B1AOB Faulty Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) or The auto market key is defective, you should buy good companies like Xhorse or original.

You can use one from keydiy or XHORSE they work fine.

Just use a xhorse key will go straight in. But better use Oem and you can’t have any keys near when your programming the key.

That’s a very common problem on that model, 2013 have an issue about RFH module, every time you tried key lock and then after some starting process it will unlock, you can program a Xhorse key and it never unlock it again or you can update the RFH on Witech 2.0 this should fix the problem.