How to Disable Chrysler 300C TPMS with Appcar DiagFCA?

Appcar DiagFCA is not a tuning/performance app, but it is more of a handy car options app.  Small things like turning on or off DRLs, controlling modules by computer, and making small tweaks is really handy.


Here is a basic review of the app.

So I started using this software from this company, and it’s pretty good.
Compitble interfaces:

The creators promised that the program can read and program all modules through a regular elm327, but not all are compatible with Appcar DiagFCA.
Some of them are ‘clones’ that do not fully support the ELM327 standard – they are unable to switch diagnostic communication to the other controllers than the engine control module.

Better use following adapters:

Here we got a Chrysler 300C 3.0 CRD with constant TPMS errors and finally got sick (3 out of 4 sensors are dead).


Everything works, TPMS disappeared, silence came, evic showed the coveted inscription System OK.

Appcar Diagfca Disable Tpms 1

Appcar Diagfca Disable Tpms 2

Appcar Diagfca Disable Tpms 3

You can also program the DRL (daytime running light) and in different versions.  You can use the dipped beam, the high beam at full heat (even the voltage is set), fog lights.

You can see the temperature of the oil in the box.

Appcar Diagfca Disable Tpms 4

Each module (the number of available modules depends on the year of release, table on the site. ) has a Live data section with a shitty cloud of parameters, a DTC section where errors are shown and reset, and an Actuators section where you can test everything that is being tested.

Appcar Diagfca Disable Tpms 5
Appcar Diagfca Disable Tpms 6