KT200 VR Virtual Reading Yes or No?

KT200/KTM200/ECUTuner Virtual reading is working?


Yes and No.

It depends on the ecu there are ecu that are read in the vr obd and others that you do real reading.

VR files are not possible from KT200 software/hardware. There is no VR file retrieval by the hardware. Any ECU’s needing a VR file, you will have to find other sources to download.

VR files are supported. They provide own software (ECUHelp third party VR) for access to the files.  It’s not device database files.



Some users have managed to read some ECUs via “virtual reading”, i.e Scania EMS S8, VAG DCM6.1V, PCR 2.1, Simos 18.1 etc (see image attachment), this is not VR read and it is actually real read (reading real orginal file).

Here comes the KT200 factory explanation:

‘It’s NOT VR READ! The tool must connect to the internet to get authorization for use, then it reads actual ECU data, authorization can take up to 10 seconds at times, there are several videos claiming VR – all just doing the standard authorization procedure. ‘


KT200 “Virual Reading” (actually real read not VR) examples:

Scania EMS S8 virtual reading

Automatic no search no nothing. 3sec. download. Plug to vehicle press read. Server connection appears on middle screen and download begins automatically.

KT200 Read Scania Ems8 1

Scania r440 emes s8 vr

Scania R440 Emes S8 Vr Kt200

VAG simos 18.1 virtual reading

Kt200 Simos 18.1

ME7.9.10 Fiat Grande Punto Virtual reading

KT200 ME7.9.10 Fiat Grande Point Virtual Reading

VAG Golf 7 DCM6.2V virtual reading

Kt200 Dcm 6.2 Vag