Autel IM608 Universal Key “Hardware Version Type Not Match ” Solution

Here comes the working solution to Autel IM608 generate universal key hardware version type does not match the program problem.


The problem goes like this:

I have the Universal key main menu with the Autel IM608 latest update. But it’s not working, tested on 3 different autel im508, im608 and 608pro all same using ikeyat004el universal remote, after that also the remote not working even when changed battery no flashing at all.

Error: ”The hardware version type does not match the program used to upgrade the universal key. Use a correct universal key”
Autel Im608 Universal Key 1 Autel Im608 Universal Key 2 Autel Im608 Universal Key 3 Autel Im608 Universal Key 4


It is not device isssue. 

As the machine says you use wrong key.  To generate BMW 3 series 2011-2018 smart key you need Autel BMW style remote.

You cannot generate BMW smart key with standard remote.

Autel Bmw Remote

Autel universal keys both inside and outside are different.  Autel universal keys can be divided into these types:

  • Razor keys
  • Premium keys
  • Basic keys

All can be reused.

Razor keys: BMW style, supports all vehicle keys except 868MHz/915MHz;

Ford style: can be used on 868MHz/915MHz frequency keys only

Premium keys and Basic keys: have Chrysler Honda Ford Caddilac styles. can be used for most car brands except 868MHz, 915MHz, BMW Volvo

How to Put A Key Blank in Autel Universal Remote?