KT200/KTM200 Software Download, Install, ECU TCU List and Wiring

Tutorial: Download, install driver and software for KT200/KTM200/ECUTuner ecu programmer, check wiring diagram, ECU and TCU.


Part 1:  Download & Installation


1). Download KT200 software


Software version 22.804

Operating system: Windows 7 or Windows 10


If need new version software 22.08.20, check here

Free Download KT200 KTM200 New Software 22.08.20


2). Install KT200 driver and Software

Install Kt200 Software 1
Run setup on the KT200 software folder
This will generate KT200 software shortcut on desktop

Install Kt200 Software 2

Connect KT200 ecu programmer with laptop via USB cable
Go to Device Manager, find DFBTech device and Update driver

Install Kt200 Software 3
Browse driver location C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop /KTM200-22.804/DFBTech_Driver folder

Install Kt200 Software 4
Choose Install driver anyway
Windows has successfully updated your drivers

Install Kt200 Software 5

Install Kt200 Software 6

Run KT200 prgrammer on desktop

Install Kt200 Software 7

Install Kt200 Software 8

Multi-language available: Italian, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Romanian, Turkish
Select driver

Select module, make and vehicle to start to read ECU/TCU

Install Kt200 Software 9

This is the basic version KT200 (auto version), so the tractor OBD, boat OBD and motorbike OBD are gray out.
If need these protocols, go to KT200 full configuration.


Video reference:

If have issues with device drivers signature issue, it can be easily fixed by turning that off in windows 10.

Windows Ecountered A Problem

Follow video to disable drivers signature on Win10


Part II: ECU/TCU Coverage 

Check KT200 ECU List

Check KT200 TCU List

Get free VR file in this software ECUHelp
Free Damos files download here.



Part III: Wiring diagram

KT200 also contains writing diram
Find the wiring instruction of the ecu under the C:/KT200-master/DOCUMENTS directory

Install Kt200 Software 10

Install Kt200 Software 11


Part III Common Problems and Solutions

KT200 ECU Programmer Common Errors and Solutions

PCMTuner vs KT200/KTM200/ECUTuner