PCMTuner Flash 1.2.7 Activation Key Not Working Solution

Here is the working solution for people who has problem activating pcmtuner flash 1.2.7 software.


First of all, follow instructions here to send the device ID to info@tuner-box.com and activate pcmtuner with license key.

PCMTuner Flash 1.2.7 Download and Activation

If failed to get it activated after copy license, it asks to activate again, check solutions below:

Activate Pcmtuner Flash 1


It’s very simple the mistake we suspect people are making is they are trying rename the licence file when they are being asked to save it on there computers and the minute you rename or alter any of the text or description that it wants to save the file as on your desktop that’s when the problems are starting we have found so the trick here is don’t alter or change the name of the file when saving it because if you do then the license file won’t work and you will have the activation problem despite loading it into the system.

Don’t change lincese name !! name of license it must be (PCMtuner.license). Let the license open with pcmtuner flash.  Set up the pcmtuner lincese open with pcmtuner flash,  then it will work.

Pcmtuner Flash Update 1


The other mistake that people are making is although its telling you to copy and paste the file into the directory that won’t work either and will causes issues so what we found is if you actually physically move and drag the license file into the directory fully then open the pcm flash software then that also solves the problem as well and it will work perfectly first time every time with the license files if you follow the instructions there.


3).  The user needs to check that there is no spaces no number at all between or after the word tuner in the file name, license need to same as (follow picture attached)

Update Pcmtuner Flash V 127 6

4).  please set up the license file default open with pcmtuner flash.

If still failed to get it activated, contact sales@obdii365.com to get technical support via Team Viewer.

Pcmtuner Flash Update 2