How to Activate 2022.06 MB Star Xentry WIS EPC DTS Vediamo?

06/2022 MB Star diagnostic XDOS OpenShell software activation is slightly different from the previous version, the HDD/SSD contains activation keygens. Users have to activate Xentry, WIS, EPC, DTS and Vediamo manually.


Mercedes multiplexer affected: MB SD C4, MB SD C4 DoIP, MB SD Connect C5, Super MB Pro M6



  • Activate Vediamo by keygen
  • Activate DTS Monaco
  • Activate WIS EPC by keygen
  • Activate Xentry by keygen


1. Activate Vediamo 05.1.1

Run Vediamo software on deskotp
Open TOOLS folder on desktop, open keygen folder
Run vediamo 05.1.1 kg keygen
Copy and paste vediamo hardware ID here

Activate Mb Star Vediamo 1

Activate Mb Star Vediamo 2

Activate Mb Star Vediamo 3
press Generate to genetate registration key
Paste and Hardware ID to the registration name area
PASTE registration key to Key area and press Register

Vediamo is registered.

Activate Mb Star Vediamo 4

Activate Mb Star Vediamo 5

2. Activate DTS Monaco

Run DTS Monaco 8.16 software on desktop

Send hardware ID to customer service

We will send you the activation key

Paste registration key to activate DTS

Activate Mb Star Dts Monaco 1

Activate Mb Star Dts Monaco 2

Activate Mb Star Dts Monaco 3

3. Activate WIS EPC

Run EWA on desktop
Login with User Name and password
User name: admin

Then go to Go to Server-> Edit the access authorization

Activate Mb Star Ewa 1

Activate Mb Star Ewa 2

Activate Mb Star Ewa 3

Open TOOLS folder, run CarProKey keygen

Activate Mb Star Ewa 4

Select EPC WIS program, copy and paste Lan ID, input Users 252 and expiration date (i.e 7/25/2030)

Press Generate to generate StartKey

Activate Mb Star Ewa 5

Activate Mb Star Ewa 6

Paste the ECP and WIS startkey to corresponding area and save

Activate Mb Star Ewa 7
EPC and WIS have been activated and ready to use

Activate Mb Star Ewa 8

Activate Mb Star Ewa 9

4. Activate Xentry

Run ConfigAssit on desktop
Select SDConnect VCI

Activate Mb Star Xentry 1
Go to C/ProgramData/LicDir folder
Delete lic_key_2.dat and lic_key_2.x4711 two files

Activate Mb Star Xentry 2
In ConfigAssit, select Configure

Activate Mb Star Xentry 3
Press Lock icon, it says failed to connect to server because xentry is not activated. Paste the Hardware ID

Activate Mb Star Xentry 4

Run Xentry Advanced Keygen from C/Program Files (x86)/TOOLS/keygen folder

Activate Mb Star Xentry 6

Activate Mb Star Xentry 7

Tick No icon until brings the generator interface below

Paste hardware ID here, enter Lic numer as 252, change date end till July 2030, press Generate to generate the license key.

Paste the License key

Activate Mb Star Xentry 8

Back to ConfigAssist, go to Manual

Paste the Xentry activation StartKey to corresponding area and save.

Xentry is activated.

Activate Mb Star Xentry 9

Activate Mb Star Xentry 10

Activate Mb Star Xentry 11
Change the extension of the copied file to “.x4711″
Right click lic_key_2.x4711 Properties and tick Read-only

Activate Mb Star Xentry 12

Go to Control Panel, check if the firewall is turned off

If want to connect MB SD C4/C5 via LAN network cable, change the IP address to

IP address:
Subnet mask:

Activate Mb Star Xentry 13

Check the detailed video guide here

*For the version that does not have keygens, activation is done by providing hardware ID to us.


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