Free Download Carprog 12.45 for FW 8.21 No Pass

This is arhive with libs and flash firmware (AT91SAM7s256) for Carprog 8.21 online, work perfectly. Arhive no password:

carprog v12.45




Don’t need to flash. Just install the software and put your lib inside the folder. It should work.

It works with original carprog 100%.

12.45 works perfectly with clone carprog 8.21 online. Before we upload this version, carprog users have tested it how it work and what it works for.

Nothing burns and nothing breaks down, no counter was triggered.

Tested with a libs 150428CAR00542UA and 150428CAR00491KW. I tested it with this 150428CAR00491KW.lib works ok. like more function enabled.

People have tested it working fine with carprog 8.21 clone firmware. It is safe to test but not all the new stuff works online. For example Acura ILX 2013 Dashboard and Airbag

Carprog Airbag 1245

Carprog 12.45 is the original software that works perfectly with firmware 8.21 online. Everything is tested and works without any problems. Yes, some things online are not supported by this firmware, but they are quite a few. If something doesn’t work for you, the problem is not in the software, and either you have bad firmware or your hardware is not normal. We repeat that everything has been tested, and many people have done it and confirmed this.
The same thing happens if you buy the original, there are also some features that do not work online.


Other people updated A1+ adapter and have done it successfully.

This is update file for A1+ adapter, if anyone has one:


if you try to update A1 + and you can manage to force carprog for updating your carprog will turn on a clone. So better buy a carprog 8.21 clone for test purpose.


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