Vident iLink400 GM Program Hummer Key Fobs: Confirmed!!!

I came across this plug-and-play vident ilink400 gm scanner last week while looking for 1 to recommend to others. I contacted the seller and she assured me it would also program key fobs for the Hummer H3 2007. I just verified with 2 new fobs I bought on ebay fobs 2/$10 (with tax) shipped.  All fobs have to be programmed at the same time(only had 1 oem fob, now 3), and all 3 fobs work perfectly. I have the Snap-off scanners (2 of them) and was unable to program the aftermarket key fobs after multiple attempts.

Vident Ilink400 Gm Program Hummer Key Fob 3
I just connected and started navigating. Here you go:

Select GM
Select Automatic selection
Identify vehicle information
Select Body Control module
Select Module Setup
Select Program Key Fobs
Read the instruction and program key fobs

* You need to close the doors and windows while programming key fobs. Jump in, close the door, reach under and connect, remember to place your beer in the cup holder, only for a couple minutes.

Vident Ilink400 Gm Hummer Review 0
Vident Ilink400 Gm Hummer Review 1
Vident Ilink400 Gm Hummer Review 2
Vident Ilink400 Gm Hummer Review 3
Vident Ilink400 Gm Hummer Review 4
Vident Ilink400 Gm Hummer Review 5
Vident Ilink400 Gm Hummer Review 6
Vident Ilink400 Gm Hummer Review 7
Vident Ilink400 Gm Program Hummer Key Fob 1
Vident Ilink400 Gm Program Hummer Key Fob 2
Another solid reason to purchase this scanner if your a true DIY’er.
Went to replace front brakes on another 2006 H3 today.
What was supposed to be a quick pad slap and caliper service turned into and entire front brake replacement…. Pads, 2 Calipers and 2 rotors.
As life would have it, it appears the front calipers were not working at all and I am suspecting that 50% of the pistons were seized.
Vident Ilink400 Front Brake Replacement
Turns out, you cannot bleed the brakes on the H3 without a scanner to perform the auto brake bleed for the ABS module which by chance is part of your Master cyl… another genius idea by GM…
Thankfully this scanner proved its worth again!
Actually, you do if you remove lines from the ABS module to replace them thus losing all the fluid or if the reservoir runs dry.
A scanner with ABS bleed came in quite handy when I needed it. Didn’t even know my scanner had that feature until I investigated in the owners manual. Lucky my scanner had that ABS feature.
It has the same capabilities of the Tech2. Just plug and play, navigate. scan all modules, look at live data..etc. Only downside is the processor is a bit slow, yet for the price I paid ($149) I will not complain.
This vident link400 scanner is also packed full of other functions/capabilities. Excellent deal. It reads and erases Diagnostic Trouble Codes from most (if not all) electronically controlled systems, including Engine, ABS, Airbag, Automatic Transmission, Immobilizer, Climate Control, etc.

The GM Tech II & SNAP-ON SOLUS scanners cost thousands. I sold all my scanners except 1, I will keep this vident scanner and sell my other.
TO DIYER’S>>> “Get a Scanner that is capable to access all modules!”
Btw, 1 trip to the dealer/auto repair shop, for diagnostics will cost more than a quality scanner!
Also, saves a lot of money for the parts throwers.