Autel Universal Keys vs Xhorse Universal Keys

Q: I already have the Xhorse universal keys and I’m wondering if it would be beneficial for me to get Autel universal keys as well. Is there a list of car that Autel keys can do?

What’s the difference between Autel and Xhorse keys?



Xhorse Universal Keys vs Autel Universal Keys


Just like keydiy is great to have as Autel also has a lot of keys xhorse does not.

Autel has a lot that neither one has, plus the autel universal keys have OEM looking keys, and real close. And it is supposed to do the 902mhz,  so since xhorse and keydiy both don’t support it.



Autel is much better organized and has a lot more information on each key Xhorse can be a bit of a confusing mess


3). Autel has 6-button keys. But xhorse has lots of features. 


4). Autel smart keys are expensive and the quality is much better on Xhorse or KD. Xhorse Keytool so far best and largest support for car models and largest amount for keys (only missing 5 buttons smart key)


It is great to have keydiy, xhorse and Autel universal remote keys.

Here comes the Autel universal ikey razor keys, premium and standard keys.

Vehicle coverage will be avaiable soon.

Autel Ikey Remotes Full List 1

Autel Ikey Remotes Full List 2

Autel Ikey Remotes Full List 3

Here comes the xhorse wired remote, wireless remote, smart and super remote list.

Download xhorse app to check a list of cars available.

Xhorse Universal Keys

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