Renault CAN CLIP Full Chip AN2135SC vs 2022 AN2131SC

Renault CAN CLIP full chip (AP19-A) has replaced the CYPRESS AN2135SC chip to new AN2131SC chip.

2022 New AN2131SC Full Chips PCB

Full Chips CYPRESS AN2131SC, NEC/OMRAN Relay, Japanese Chipsets.

 1:1 PCB Design. Supports reprogramming.

Tested on Windows 10×64 OK!
A ready-made virtual machine with Renault Can Clip already installed is the only way to use the RTL2002 Clip probe on your Windows 64 bit of any version.
Can work with any version of the Can Clip probe.

Renault Clip AN2131SC Full Chips PCB

2021 Older version AN2135SC Full Chips PCB 

NEC/OMRAN Relay, Japanese Chipsets

AN2135SC 1:1 PCB Design:

Renault Clip AN2135SC

Normal Green PCB

Normal Qulaity Clip Pcb

What’s the difference between AN2131SC, AN2131SC PCB and Normal PCB?

Normal Green PCB can only diagnose does not do programming.
AN2131QC/AN2131SC can do reprogramming
AN2135SC 1:1 PCB Design
The difference in the PCB’s quality. Full chip PCB is more qualified and stable because it has the same design as the original OMRAN RELAY.
–Green Board Normal Chips : price is cheapest, support diagnostic function only
 –Full Chips AN2131SC : A quality, support both diagnostic & programming function

Orman Relay benefits

  • Ultra-small and lightweight
  • Low driving current
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Small leakage current
  • Excellet resisistence
  • Mute
  • High-speed response
  • Correctly control tiny analog signals