VXDIAG, Mini VCI 1.4.1 or 2.0.1 for Old Lexus SC?

What Toyota Techstream cable works on old Lexus SC (2002 SC430 and 2007 SC430)?


The cable firmware version should be considered. The firmware communicates with your vehicle and the software provides diagnostic functions.


People have tested both cables firmware versions but v1.4.1 will only work on 2002 and 2007 SC430s. V2.0.4 will not communicate with the SC430s but will communicate with relatives 2010 Camry.


Mini VCI firmware V1.4.1 : Yes

Mini Vci Lexus Sc 2

works very good on

2002 SC430

2007 SC430

2004 Tacoma and other old Toyotas

Tested 1.4.1 cable and ver 10/ ver 12 software that worked with both 02 and 07 SC.

Mini Vci Lexus Sc 4

Mini Vci Lexus Sc 5

Mini Vci Lexus Sc 6

Mini Vci Lexus Sc 7

Mini Vci Lexus Sc 8

Mini VCI Firmware 2.0.4

the firmware ver 2.0.4 and software version 12 work with 2007 SC430 but don’t work on 2002 SC430 (k-line).

This was using v2.0.4 on 2007 SC430, unable to connect to VIM.

Mini Vci Lexus Sc 1

Mini Vci Lexus Sc 3


vxdiag does not work on 2002 SC either. It works fine with 2007 SC. 

It is a known problem of vxdiag, failed to work on 02 03 Toyota K-line protocols.

But on newer cars, neither of the 1.4.1 or 2.0.4 cables will reprogram TPMS sensors when switching wheels, replacing sensors, etc.  The hardware cable solution most frequently mentioned there is to get a VXDIAG VCX NANO.



Carista OBDII: No

Carista only does basic OBDII readouts for older vehicles (like 2002 Toyota/Lexus models).

Carista will not work on lexus SC. But it works well on LS series. 



How to choose among these cables?

If need both new and old Toyota, mini vci v1.4.1 is good and cheap option.

If don’t have K-line Toyota, choose mini vci 2.0. 4 and vxdiag.

mini vci is very limited on Toyota/Lexus hybrid but vxdiag performs well.

vxdiag vcx nano does no tpms programming, mini vci does not. vxdiag is faster than mini vci.