Kia Hyundai SIM2K-240 241 141 245 251 Bootloader Wiring Diagram

If you need to read Hyundai/Kia sim2k-240 sim2k141 sim2k241 sim2k245 sim2k251 ecus in bootloader mode, pinout will be a very good starting point.

Sim2k 240 Hyundai Ecu

Pcmtuner Sim2k 240 Pinout 1

Here comes the wiring diagram for sim2k-240 IROM TC1767


BSL130 no
BSL131 yes
BSL132 no
BSL-ADP not required

Pcmtuner Sim2k 240 Pinout 6

Or check pinout from dimsport

Pcmtuner Sim2k 240 Pinout 2

Pcmtuner Sim2k 240 Pinout 3

Pcmtuner Sim2k 240 Pinout 4

Pcmtuner Sim2k 240 Pinout 5

This ECU can be read by ktag using the continental sim2k240 Hyundai driver

Ktag Sim2k240 1

Ktag Sim2k240 2

PCMTuner/KTM Bench/ PCM Flash reads no problem. 

If it shows a checksum verified error when save file, it saved though, don’t worry, it will still calculate correctly when writing.

Module 50 for
2.0L, 2.4L (SIM2K-140)
2.0L, 2.5L (SIM2K-D160)
2.0L, 2.4L (SIM2K-141/142/341)
2.0L (SIM2K-C201)
2.0L, 2.0T (SIM2K-240/241/242/245)
Supported: Reading, Writing, Checksum Correction.

SIM2K-140 and SIM2K-141 have similar pinouts.

Siemens SIM2K-140/141/341/D160 on the desktop (large connector) :
1,3,5 – ECU Ground (just connect one of the contacts)
77 – CAN-High
78 – CAN-Low
76 – K-Line
2 – + 12V (ignition on)
4 – + 12V (main relay power supply)
6 – + 12V (unswitched power)
64 – output of the main relay control

Note that when working with the SIM2K-140/141/341 / D160 on the desk, it is absolutely necessary to connect the relay via the control output of the main relay (64th computer contact). Otherwise, the firmware recording operation may not succeed.

Siemens SIM2K-241 on the desktop (smaller connector) :
1,2,4 – ECU Ground (just connect one of the contacts)
77 – CAN-High
60 – CAN-Low
3,5,6,75 – + 12V (main relay power supply)
41 – + 12V (ignition on)
58 – + 12V (unswitched power)
53 – output of the main relay control

SIM2K 240 SIM2K 240 2

SIM2K245 pinout tricore BSL


SIM2K251 wiring diagram

Which tool to read and write SIM2K-251?

PCMTuner, foxflash won’t do it.

Flex, pcmflash original, bitbox, combiloader will do it. 



Sim2k251 Wiring Diagram 1 Sim2k251 Wiring Diagram 2 Sim2k251 Wiring Diagram 3 Sim2k251 Wiring Diagram 4