How to Connect Godiag Tricore Cable with MPPS Kess V2 Fgtech Bitbox?

Godiag Tech released a full protocol OBD2 Jumper which is used to connect ECU with MPPS, FGTECH Galletto, KESS V2, BYSHUT, DISPROG, Bitbox, Hptuner, MPM chip tuning tool etc for ECU data reading and writing, ECU cloning, ECU tuning via tricore mode.
Godiag Tricore Cable


The function of the godiag tricore cable set:

1. Supports DC power supply
2. Support safety protection banana head super programming dedicated connection port power supply.
3. Independent GND4, GND5 [meet the needs of special ECU programming].
4. With boot GND4 clip, compatible with programming equipment such as MPPS, FGTECH, KESS V2.
5. With GND4 GND5 short-circuit switch [some ECUs need to be switched to short-circuit mode when programming].
Note: The switch of GND4-5 is normally pressed to make it light. When some ECUs need to be independently connected to GND4 and GND5, release the switch.
6. With ignition analog switch [equipped with 1 large and 2 small dedicated ignition cables].
7. Support standard obd2 full protocol connection [double K-line, double CAN line], 3 large and 2 small power plugs, 4 large GND, 4 small GND.
8. Equipped with CAN protocol communication resistance.



Godiag Gt105 Tricore Cable 2

Godiag gt105 and tricore adapter set are the best for your ecu programmers.

Godiag Gt105 Tricore Cable 1

Function of the GT105 and tricore adapter:

GT105 provides uninterrupted power supply during the car battery replacement process to protect the car ECU data from being lost due to the power failure.

The VPW CANH CANL K-Line indicator light can judge the communication status between the vehicle and the OBD2 programming device. (If the connected device can determine whether the device can send communication, simply determine whether the diagnostic programming is normal.)

GT105 can obtain 12V power from the car battery. It will do much more than a regular breakout box.



Godiag Gt105 Tricore Cable 4


You don’t need a vehicle if you got an ECU to remap.  You got the godiag gt105 mini breakout box and tricore set, you do the remap and send the ecu back to your customer. 


Physical connection:

GM ECU Remap with Godiag GT105 and tricore cable

Sf347 Gm E38 1 Sf347 Gm E38 2 Sf347 Gm E38 3

GM ECU Remap with MPM Tuning Tool and Godiag Tricore Adapter


other devices share similar connections:

Godiag Gt105 Tricore Cable 3

connect godiag gt105 set with kess v2

Godiag Gt105 Tricore Cable 6

connect godiag gt105 set with mpps

Godiag Gt105 Tricore Cable 7

connect godiag gt105 set with fgtech

Godiag Gt105 Tricore Cable 5

connect godiag gt105 set with immo key programmer for all keys lost bypass active alarm


Godiag tricore adapter can be used to replace Benz EIS/EZS adapter to read Benz EIS with vvdi mb, key tool plus, cgdi mb etc. Check: All Benz EZS EIS Pinout for Table Connection

It can be used with vvdi2 and vvdi mb to read VAG Audi Engine data and PIN as well.