Autel IM608 File Make Key Error Code 4096 Solution

The problem goes like this:

2009 VW Golf all keys lost. Failing with Autel im608 xp400 via OBD2. Tried make key via dump. Reads data but fails to write. IM608 says file version error 4096. Chip type is 24C32. Also failed on Honda Accord 24C04 2002. Any help appreciated.

Autel Im608 File Version Error 4096

Possible reasons and solutions:

1). Network connection. Make sure you have a strong wifi connection.

2). Read and verify data again, if failed to read via clip adapter, desoldering chip. Many clip adapters will read but when loading to OBD programmer will say wrong file version. Much better to desolder chip. This happens to xhorse devices as well. 

3). Wrong menu.

With that golf try via immo and there key from dump. Have similar with cas3++ dump, with same error from menu key via dump or programmer. But from immo, BMW and load from dump it was smooth.

4). Some models cannot write key start via dump.