Free Download Honda HDS 3.104.042+iHDS 1.006 +J2534 Rewrite

(04.2022) Free download the Honda dealer diagnostic software for Honda & Acura, including

  • HDS_3.104.042
  • iHDS_1.006.042
  • J2534Rewrite (database is 2022 of January, US rewrite)

Region: USA + Canada

Language: English

Operating system:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Windows 10 Professional is currently the only operating system supported by i-HDS. Windows 11 is not supported at this time.



HDS 3.104.042

Password: 12345


Software contains:

HDS 3.104.024

iHDS 1.006.042

J2534Rewrite 1.00.0034_20220120

Note:  DO NOT install any Honda Extensions for it will ask for a subscription, login/password from Honda HDS website.

Use it with caution.  We don’t provide support on this. 


Communication Interfaces:

Honda HDS HIM, VXDIAG Honda, Openport 2.0, Autel VCI,  also DrewTech Mongoose J2534 etc


Test reviews:

1). I’m running this version with Windows 10 using Autel VCI and J2534 also DrewTech Mongoose.

2). I used J2534Rewrite software, with Autel VCI J2534 on Windows 7, 2016 Acura MDX, updated the  PCM and TCM, everything worked great.

3). I use tactrix openport 2.0 clone and working very good


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