Can I Use PCMTuner USB Dongle with Tatrix Openport?

As titled, can we use the PCMtuner smart usb dongle with original tatrix openport 2.0?


Yes, the usb dongle can be used with any j2534 openport interfaces. The dongle is working with the original openport without issue.

The dongle can be used with pcmflash modules that work via obd. Once you have the dongle, software and cable, just install driver that came with tacktrix . Open pcm flash select. OBD module or tacktrix comparable modules . Select the tacktrix cable and you should be able to use it.

As for openport 2.0 clone, need luck.  Some tested it working fine. It works well for some bench modules also like 58 dsg module



If software reports an error unable to use selected interface j2534,  you have wrong interface selected. pcmflash program has both scanmatic and tacktrix showing up. Make sure you select the interface as Openportr rather than J2514 Scanmatic- SM2 USB.

Pcmtuner Dongle Openport

Pcmtuner Dongle Openport 2

Test report:

Dongle pcm tuner with official tatrix openport 2.0 interface Module 15 Nissan Hitachi ok

Reading and writing starts up

Openport With Pcmtuner 1 Openport With Pcmtuner 2 Openport With Pcmtuner 3


PCMTuner full kit is recommended because you can update or access the pcmtuner app.