Tactrix Openport 2.0 with Xentry Passthru Pros and Cons

The Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 has been confirmed working with xentry passthru version. What capabilities and limitations are with running Xentry on the Openport 2.0 interface?
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  • This combination is useful for ECUs with CAN capability.  This item intends to simply give you a working system.
  • It’s a good reasonably priced option if you don’t need to do any module updates.
  • Openport 2.0 is not limited on Can- Cars from 2006 and above!
  • The OpenPort 2.0 interface will allow Xentry to communicate with your Mercedes using the J2534 standard.  This will generally communicate with vehicles 2003 and newer that use OBD2 for diagnosis.
  • I have a Tactrix and it works great for most things however for flashing certain modules it doesn’t work as good as a more expensive J2534 device (Snap-on Pass Thru Pro II, CarDAQ Plus, J-Box) device or a C4/C5 etc, multiplexer.
  • I used it to run all of the A/C diagnostics on my car, recalibrate the vent control thumbwheels, test a few actuators, run the intercooler pump, and check the weight sensing system (which needs to be recalibrated), The only thing I can’t do right now is SCN coding and programming, which requires an active M-B account. For normal troubleshooting and diagnosis, though, it rocks.
Openport 20 Xentry Passthru 1

Openport 20 Xentry Passthru 3

Openport 20 Xentry Passthru 4

Openport 20 Xentry Passthru 7

Openport 20 Xentry Passthru 8
Openport 20 Xentry Passthru 9
  • The Openport is missing some protocols so it doesn’t get to a point where it could brick a module.. It has no K-Line support and no CAN-L, so no ISO 14230 for SIM4 LE ECUs,  (M111Evo). Xentry Passthru with Openport 2.0 cables don’t work with KLine cars such as the C32. Any vehicle using a 38-pin connector or HHTWIN for diagnosis will not work. You ideally use Xentry Pass-thru with these devices, and a subscription is available from Daimler, however it is limited to programming and reading faults from the engine ECU and transmission TCU up to 2017. 2018 and newer vehicles are given full diagnostic capabilities.
  • You are able to communicate with modules you need to but sometimes you will get error codes or the vehicle/computer doesn’t recognize the interface but after another attempt or 2 it will work.
  • Some of them have a OBD power supply bug. If you plug them into the OBD port without USB cable and no LED flash you got it, that means all power has to come from the USB cable which is not 100% reliable. (You have to choose the right Openport without power supply issue)
  • Openport 2.0 works with Passthru version only. does not work with MB SD C4/C5 standard OpenShell version.
  • Tactrix is missing some protocols so it doesn’t get to a point where it could brick a module. It’s a good reasonably priced option if you don’t need to do any module updates.
  • If you want to work with vediamo you can’t use vediamo 5 (4 can’t use smrd files) because vediamo 5 doesn’t support Passthru so your “stuck” with DTS Monaco. (Check: Configure Vediamo 4 with Openport)


VXDIAG C6 also has some problems with the old K-line Mercedes. Stick with the C4 or if you want to spend a little more and do DOIP (command radio programming models 2016 and up ), the MB SD C4 DoIP. Clone will work fine along with Xentry Openshell. Passthru software only works with J2534 devices.


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