How to Modify Tactrix Openport 2.0 Clone to Enable Network Connection?

In the previous post, we discussed how to choose a high-quality Tactrix Openport 2.0 Clone. Today we share another guide for correct resistors in order to make it work with the network connection.

The HQ openport 2.0 clone does not allow network connection without modification. Otherwise, it will brick the device.


How to Modify Tactrix Openport 2.0 Clone to Enable Network Connection?

Disclaimer: the modification guide was made by a Russian technician from drive2. You are at your risk.  We are not holding the responsibility for your damage.

Here are the tips to modify the Openport 2.0 HQ clone with black board to avoid damage when connecting with the network.


6 resistors were soldered in each ( check table of replacements ) to bring them into line with the original, one additional resistor and two electrolytic capacitors were soldered to the LM voltage regulator (aka LD-shka, aka AMS1117). And both work and are not afraid of the Internet.


table of ratings and replacements

orig the clone Replacement of herbs. China Black board Replacement
R1 51k 01D 513 103 513
R2 01C 01D 103 103
R3 01D 01D 103 104
R4 2,2m 2,2m 225 (R9)
R5 220k 220k 224
R6 220k 220k 224
R7 2,7k 2,7k 272
R8 74C 74С 74С
R9 01C 01D 103 103
R10 74C 74C 74C
R11 01C 01D 103 103
R12 1,5k 13B (1,33k) 152 152
R13 22k 22k 223
R14 01C 01D 103 103
R15 01C 01D 103 103
R16 240 240 241
R17 01C 01D 103 103
R18 2,2k 2,2k 222
R19 1,5k 01B (1k) 152 01B (1k) 152
R20 4,7k 4,7k 472
R21 22 22 220
R22 22 22 220
R23 1k 1k 102
R24 22k 22k 223
R25 2,2k 2,2k 222
R26 01C 01D 103 103
R27 1k 1k 102
R28 22k 22k 223
R29 2,2k 2,2k 222
R30 01C 01D 103 103
R31 4,7k 2,7k 472 272 472
R32 470 470 471
R33 22k 22k 223
R34 1.8k 1.8k 182
R35 22k 22k 223
R36 01B 01B 01B
R37 4,7k 2,7k 472 272 472
R38 01C 01D 103 103
R39 2,7k 2,7k 272
R40 2,7k 2,7k 272
R41 01D 2,7k 104 272 104
R42 01C 01D 103 103
R43 2,7k 2,7k 272
R44 2,7k 2,7k 272
R45 01C 01D 103 103
R46 2,2k 2,2k 222
R47 01C 01D 103 103
R48 2,2k 2,2k 222
R49 74C 74C 74C
R50 01C 01D 103 103
R51 74C 74C 74C
R52 01C 01D 103 103
Modify Openport Clone 1
Modify Openport
In parallel to C8, 10 uF ceramics are soldered.
Modify Openport Clone 2
LM-ke for output 1 and 3 electrolyte 100×25.
Modify Openport Clone 3
But in pulled up to the plus through a 10k resistor from C12.
Modify Openport Clone 4
Butpin 53 output – 10k pull-up connection points.

In sum in order to replacing the resistors on the Tactrix Openport 2.0 Clone, you can do the following:
1). To capacitor C8, soldered a ceramic capacitor of 10 uF
2). On pins 1 and 3 of LD33, added an electrolytic capacitor of 100 uF, 25 V.
3). From plus C12 to pin 53 (P2[10] /EINT0) LPC2364, added a 10 kΩ resistor. This modification prevents the bootloader located in the LPC2364 from starting when the RESET command is given to the microcontroller.


Everything you do is at your own risk, we are not responsible for dead adapters.

More detail component pictures

Modify Openport Clone 5

Modify Openport Clone 6

Modify Openport Clone 7

Modify Openport Clone 8

Modify Openport Clone 9

Modify Openport Clone 10

Modify Openport Clone 11

Modify Openport Clone 12

Modify Openport Clone 13

Modify Openport Clone 14

Modify Openport Clone 15

Modify Openport Clone 16Modify Openport Clone 17

Modify Openport Clone 18

If don’t have openport clone, use Scanmatick 2 pro or vxdiag vcx se, they are all good j2534 passthru devices.