Autel IM508 vs IM608 vs MaxiIM KM100

Autel new tool is coming- the MaxiIM KM100 key generator. The new KM100 is designed to read/write/clone transponders, detect frequency and ignition coil, renew key and more special functions.

Autel Km100 Kit 1

First of all, let’s check out the brief comparison among IM508, IM608 and the new KM100.

Function Autel MaxiIM IM508 Autel MaxiIM IM608 Autel MaxiIM KM100
Universal Transponder & Key Generation No No Yes
Transponder Simulation Editing & Cloning No No Yes
Ignition Coil Detection No No Yes
Vehicle Diagnostics Yes, Basic function Yes No
Vehicle Service Functions Yes Yes No
IMMO Function via Programmer Yes Yes No
Frequency Reading Yes Yes Yes
Frequency Detection Yes Yes Yes
Key Unlocking/Key Renew Yes Yes Yes
Immobilizer Data Processing Yes Yes Yes
IMMO in Open OBD mode Yes Yes Yes

Autel IM508 and IM608 are immobilizer key programmers, KM100 is a key generator/copy machine.

The Android-based touch screen autel key tool comes with 2 blank keys for you to use at your convenience. One has the Autel logo on the back and the other does not.

KM100 contains MaxiVCI VCI200 so you can perform key simulation and key learning after generating a key.

It uses the USB cable to transfer data from another device, such as IM608, to a laptop and from the laptop to the key tool.

Km100 seems a bit faster device, can simulate chip, it is same as im508 for immo but without programmer. For universal remotes, xp400pro got update and also can generate autel remotes.

km100 is more of a key generator and the 608/508 is more for actual immo programming and diagnostic and a huge difference in price. 

When doing car keys you also need a good diagnostic tool to scan for faults. The IM608 comes the XP400 pro for eeprom work and can do IR keys for Mercedes and generate dealer keys for VW, Audi Fiat. At the end of the day it depends upon your scope of business. Autel makes great tools all around

Autel KM100 is available now.

BTW: Autel is coming out with its own aftermarket keys and will require it to program them.