Can Autel IM508/IM608 XP400 Do Airbag Module Reset?


Anyone know where we find information about Airbag module resets. It appears Autel IM508 or IM608 with XP400 has this functionality, but I need the process explained better.

Autel Im508 Airbag Srs Reset 1

Autel Im508 Airbag Srs Reset 2

Autel Im508 Airbag Srs Reset 3

Autel Im508 Airbag Srs Reset 4


Autel does not do clear crash, it just read and write eeprom. You need to transfer data online or by other tools/software to get a cleared crash file.

Then write it back to eeprom. 



Here is a demo guide on how to use the im608 to basically copy the crash data off of an airbag module.

Autel Im608 Airbag Srs Reset 1

This is from a 2018 Ford Focus.
We are going to read the data from the crash unit from the SRS RCM unit and clear the data.

Then we are going to put the clear data back onto the memory chip on this unit.
This model use 95640 memory chip which is kind of pretty common for this model.

Take airbag module off. Got four screws down. Once you remove those 4 screws the cover then comes off.
It’s gonna look like this now on the underside of the board is the actually memory chip and got the clamp placed.

Connect the apa103 clamp with the im608 and xp400 programmer. You just need a USB connection cable to your im608 and pin 1 on this board.

Autel Im608 Airbag Srs Reset 2

Autel Im608 Airbag Srs Reset 3

Go to Programmer- Chip – EEPROM- ST- M95640

Autel Im608 Airbag Srs Reset 4

Autel Im608 Airbag Srs Reset 5

Autel Im608 Airbag Srs Reset 6

You can check the schematic diagram, it gives you an overview of where to place the chip and positioning.
It also shows you the cable and how to connect it. There are some good information you can read here on the right side
it tells about the figures.

Autel Im608 Airbag Srs Reset 7

It is important to set and definitely important you want to have the right validation
turn on read and write validation.
Erase validation is not that important, so we turn it off.

Autel Im608 Airbag Srs Reset 8
Go back to Read chip
the programming starts lighting up as it’s reading
Now you have your crash data read from the airbag unit.
Save crash data by chip type

Autel Im608 Airbag Srs Reset 9
Pay attention to the path that file saved
We are finishing the first part.
We need to transfer the data. You can do it online services because you need to then clear crash data from this file.

You can just search and find one of your preferences.

Once you get that cleared file you then need to write it back to the EEPROM.
Put the cleared crash data onto im608 sd card.
Go back to xp400 programmer, select Write.

Autel Im608 Airbag Srs Reset 10
Select the cleaned crash file and write.
Chip written successfully.

Autel Im608 Airbag Srs Reset 11
You need to have to verify on because you don’t want to have a write error happen in this case
At his points you are done you put the airbag module back together the same way you took it apart and connected to your car and you crash data will be cleared.