Mini VCI Techstream Review on Lexus RX450h Hybrid

The cheap EL327 is very limited on the hybrid cars, in my case the Lexus RX450H 2014. It does not allow access to specific Toyota/Lexus functions (active diagnostics, settings, specific maintenance procedures).

I’ve used the Mini VCI Toyota Techstream quite a bit to track my Land Cruiser’s injectors. This is a basic version (ver 12.00.127, USB cable, notebook)

Mini Vci Techstream Lexus Rx450h 1

PS: for TechStream you need a PC equipped with Windows 7 or +.

I tested on my Lexus. No connection problem, the options are taken into account

Mini Vci Techstream Lexus Rx450h 2
There are many menus

For each system there is a screen giving the possible fault codes, a screen giving the state of the system with the parameters then an “active test” screen.

Mini Vci Techstream Lexus Rx450h 3
Some configurations are blocked because they are not used in Europe

Mini Vci Techstream Lexus Rx450h 4
There are customizations

Mini Vci Techstream Lexus Rx450h 5
The information is detailed (example sunroof)

Mini Vci Techstream Lexus Rx450h 6
We find roughly the usual engine parameters.
A good practice is to do a global check of the ECUs as soon as TechStream is launched (“Health Check”), and to save the file.

In order to use it properly during maintenance, you will need access to the Toyota/Lexus repair manual.

In fact Techstream really shines with the Rx hybrid models. On the Land cruiser of memory there were few essential things. The check of the condition of the injectors was appreciated by my buyer.

A useful feature was the bleeding of the brakes: I never dared to use this function for fear of planting the brake system.

I find HA very friendly and educational. I love to show that the auto gives the value of the 12v battery on my phone just by approaching. Afterwards, I’m not a fan of “optimal” driving, but having occasional access to certain parameters is interesting and sometimes surprising (very low engine speed when cruising, for example)

I would have to do the main battery test but it doesn’t seem obvious and then I don’t really want to discover that my main battery has a problem. A bit like medical exams.

In any case, all of this is interesting and there is a lot to learn!