How to Pair Autel VCI100 or VCI200 with MaxiSys Ultra?

How can I pair my maxisys elite vci100 with autel maixsys ultra? ultra vcmi is a bit big for just pulling codes.


Here’s instruction:

VCI100/VCI200 makes it easier than trying to go out and plug it into an OBD, also take the opportunity to update the VCI at the same time.

Connect the VCI to the ultra with USB, have it powered up, then go to the VCI Manager menu in MaxiSysk, click on BT connection on the left side.

If the V100/V200 is plugged into a car, it will show up here.

Wait for the Scantool defined VCI’s Serial number and then click connect.

Should show paired/connected when you’re all finished.

Try going to the android settings first then go to Bluetooth find the VCI and then pair in the android settings.

Connect Vci With Ultra 1

The older VCI100 don’t support the latest protocols.
You’ll loose DoIP abilities.
You’d need to buy the VCI200 to get these latest protocols.

Check Autel VCI100 vs. VCI200