Can Autel IM608 do 2020 2021 Ford F150 All Keys Lost?

Can I do all keys lost for 2020 and 2021 Ford F150 proximity? Can Autel IM508 or IM608 do it ?

Autel Im608 2021 F150 Akl 1

Autel Im608 Ford F150 Akl 2

2020 F150 Yes. Autel released an Update to do F150 till 2020. Factory alarm must be disabled. 

2017 up to 2020 is the same system, 2021 is a new different system.

2021 depends what lock is in the door. HU101 yes autel will do it. HU198 lock only FDRS online (jbox and oem soft).

Ford F150 2021 Autel Im508

Also key cutter has to have HU198t software and use a 1.5mm cutter.

Autel engineer suggests trying with F250 2020 menu selection, if failed, you need to have both NASTF and Ford OE Tool FJDS software.

Users have great success with the im608s jvci and FDRS, nastf creds required.

Ford is slowly phasing to the newer software for all their ford and lincoln models called FDRS.

One of our customers worked on a 2021 f150 yesterday. Autel stayed with hu101 blades but went center cut. They use the same remote as the last model we believe with 903 freq. So might still program as the 2020 or 2019. Only difference we seen was the blade was cut differently.

Smart pro will do 2021 F-150 all keys lost no problem.