Update Success! BMW MSV80 Power Class Change STAT_BSZ_WERT=0

Error 2FA4 (Wrong data set) is a common fault code related to BMW E-Series DME modules.  The error may occur when

1) When flash the correct PPK (Performance Power Kit) ZB number for your BMW but get error 2FA4. Car drives at reduced power.  (You selected the wrong file to flash your DME, that’s why you have a problem with the Power class.)

2) Get CAS programmed with key to a second-hand DME due to not starting, car fire up and idles well but have no boost and the error code 2FA4 occurs.


Fault 2FA4 — Incorrect Data Record Repair

 The symptoms includes the engine not passing over 1500 RPM and will enter ENGINE FAIL SAFE MODE.

The reason this happens is that customers get their USED DME programmed incorrectly or they acquired a new DME and they ended up with this fault code.


NCSDummy states “Changes may require STAT_BSZ_WERT=0. In DME change OLULCODIERUNG wert_00 > wert_02

STAT_BSZ_WERT=0 means to reset engine operation hours to zero.  For hours reset Tool32 is required.

We manage to determine the power class on CAS is wert-02 and on ecu is wert-00 however we can’t change this until the hours are reset. 


Here’s an example of BMW MSV80.  After getting BMW CAS3+ key programmed to the used DME, Car drives at reduced power, error code 2FA4 occurs.


I did BMW MSV80 + CAS3 + key on the table, connected it with a cassette, for identifying and reading flash, with a D+KAN cable to launch INPA, WINKFP and Tool32, Explorer, eventually, reset the engine hours STAT_BSZ_WERT = 0, and this gives me to have to change the euro norms, the power class, I found ISN (SK) in the DME and CAS modules, now you can take the DME from the trash, register your ISN and leave).

Kess V2 Msv80 Cas3 Isn 1


Kess V2 Msv80 Cas3 Isn 2

Pinout for connection

Kess V2 Msv80 Cas3 Isn 3

Kess V2 Msv80 Cas3 Isn 4
In work
Kess V2 Msv80 Cas3 Isn 5
At200 Msv80
Read data with Kess v2 or AT-200
Kess V2 Msv80 Cas3 Isn 6
BMW Explorer in action
Kess V2 Msv80 Cas3 Isn 7
Hours reset, cheers
Kess V2 Msv80 Cas3 Isn 8
DME coding list, euro norms, power class and more now available
Kess V2 Msv80 Cas3 Isn 9
Power class options