Autel IM608 2020 Jeep Wrangler Cannot Read PIN or Learn Key??

Situation 1: IM608 Won’t read pin nor learn key

I’m frustrated with this 2020 wrangler JL I can’t read the password with Autel IM608 even though I have the 12+8 FCA bypass cable. I was able to read the code off of a 2019 Chrysler 300 yesterday no problem with the same cable so I don’t understand why it’s not reading this one?

It says not supported by the system.
Autel Im608 JEEP WRANGLER 2020 Cannot Read Password

You are in the wrong location.  You have to go thru system selection to get the password then it was all easy after that.

Some people did this car no problem, you need to delete all the keys and disconnect the battery and then reconnect and program key.

If still failed to read pin, send log data to Autel technician.

Autel IM608 How to Send Data Log?



Situation 2: IM608 reads PIN but does not learn key

I was able to pull the password for the 2020 Jeep Wrangler with Autel IM608 and FCA 12+8 gateway adapter but now that I am on the add key part, it won’t learn any of the keys. I erased all keys but now it won’t learn the original key nor any of the keys I have. What could I be doing wrong?



Here comes the working solution:

Write down the pin, Go under 2018-2019 under immo learning on the bottom not add key or all keys lost, but immo learning and follow prompts. You won’t be able to pull pin under these years but it should program.

Autel Im608 JEEP WRANGLER 2020 Add Key 2

Autel Im608 JEEP WRANGLER 2020 Add Key 3

Autel Im608 JEEP WRANGLER 2020 Add Key 1

Test report:

I am seriously so grateful for you. I have been at it with this Jeep for the longest! I was able to program all the keys I needed to.

Autel Im608 JEEP WRANGLER 2020 Add Key 4