OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Program Renault Trafic 2017 4A Blade Key Success

Does OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus do Renault trafic 2017 keyless card all keys lost situation?


Impossible all keys lost (smart card). Obdstar works on Megane 4, Talisman, Scenic 4 etc all smart keys lost, but not for Renault traffic unless you use another machine (im608).

If it is blade key, yes, obdstar confirmed Trafic 2017 all keys lost can be done by OBD. AKL is too risky, will erase all keys and damage UCH. AKL better done by other devices.

Renault Trafic 07.2017 ID49 4A new spare key card is done by OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus software V31.22 via OBD.



The function requires network connection.

The green Renault gateway converter is required.

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 1

Here is an example on adding a spare key.  The customer had a working key, I made a second key only.


1). Read Pflash

In X300 DP plus, go to Renault/Dacia- software V32.22- Manual Select Model- Renault- Trafic- 2014 up-

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 2

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 3

Read immo information

OBDSTAR detects 2 keys exists

Read the programming prompts

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 4

Turn on emergency fash, turn off ignition switch
Turn on ignition with a working key

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 5

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 6
Read pflash

Save flash data

Obdstar x300dp plus will ask if the current model is a post-2018 model, press Esc

2) Read Password 

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 7

communication with vehicle and loggin

turn on ignition with working key

Erase and write flash, don disconnect device from vehicle

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 8

Read 32-digit password success


3) Program keys

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 9
the function will erase all keys.  maximum 4 keys can be programmed.
remote is automatically generated after key programming is completed
turn ignition on
turn ignition off

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 10
enter 32-digit pin to continue
insert a working key to turn on the ignition
program 1st key success

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 11
insert a new key to be programmed and turn on the ignition
2 keys programmed

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 12
turn off the ignition switch to complete programming

2 keys have been programmed successfully

Test new keys.

Obdstar Renault Trafic 2017 4a Key 13


What tools can do Renault Trafic 2014- all keys lost?

Autel IM508/IM608

Autel Im608 Renault Traffic Akl

Autel and Xtool is good for Renault smart card.

Review 1:

Renault Trafic 2020 all keys lost success with im608. Blade key, 10mins job with external power.
Checking (reading) flash, read pin 32 digits, programming key, all in 10min. Choose option 1 fast reading and programming. Autel 608 give 3 option.


2019 Renault Traffic 4A chip
Took about 25 minutes to read Pflash Data and extract the mega long pin code
2016 Renault traffic completed. Took 3.5 hours to read p flash and then re-load for the security code. After that took 1 minute to load keys. Used an aftermarket remote. Had 2 options for pflash. I chose from vehicle. All good.

Xtool can only read PIN and add key Trafic pre-2014 only.



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