Chrysler Scanner StarScan, CDA5, Launch, DiagFCA or JSCAN

Today we’ll share the observations and results towards Chrysler Jeep Dodge diagnostic scanners. Maybe someone will be interested in them.


Together we selected several of the most complete and correct devices and programs for diagnosing the FCA groups. We are testing devices on Windows and Android OS.
Let’s try to understand the lots of adapters, operating systems, programs and features. But the most important thing is availability and the price of the issue!

-Devices based on ELM327

— OBD JSCAN (ELM327, Android)
– DiagFCA (ELM237, Windows)
– Launch (its own adapter, Android)
– StarMobile/StarScan/wiTech (the scanner itself and Windows), it is not in production and there are only a few left for sale.

Installed and set up diagnostics for Windows 7 (64 bits) for StarMobile. The program is called CDA5.



1. Devices based on ELM327 (USB, Bluetooth, WiFi adapters)

Android OS:

– Torque Pro is a simple program, minimal, does not understand everything, beautiful, but useless in normal cases. Download from the Play Market.

– inCarDoc Pro, but the same thing. Download from the Play Market.
– ScanMaster, the same thing. Download from the Play Market.
– MotorData OBD , yes, the same thing. Download from the Play Market.
– WJdiag Free , it was not possible to test it, it sees the car, but does not climb into the blocks. Probably only for VJs. Download from the Play Market.

OBD JSCAN is needed for those who do not have the possibility of other diagnostics. This program is the weakest and most unfinished. What is offset by its price. You don’t have to wait for a miracle. Much will not do or quit. ELM is bought and may be useful for another program. It is tied only to the car by VIN. Errors are usually erased. Which, by the way, is very important, because an error on boost, for example, or on fuel pressure, which has not been erased, will not allow the car to drive at full strength, there will be an emergency mode.

In some cases, it can program what launch cannot, for example: change the gear ratio of the main pairs,
wheel size,
enable and disable the tire pressure monitoring system,
configure DRL.
However, in the case of a diesel car, it works disgustingly with the engine control unit. It sees and erases errors, not everything sees the current readings from the sensors, but of those that it sees, it displays a lot crookedly. Actuator tests, does not perform adaptation, does not know how to program. It does not connect to some other modules.


2. Devices based on ELM327 on Windows:

— DiagFCA A program for Windows, can work with the same ELM. Moreover, both USB and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (I did not check this, I do not have a Wi-Fi dongle).

The best option for diagnosis which in terms of functionality is close to the StarScan dealer scanner. Sees all blocks, reads and erases errors, tests actuators, adapts, has rich programming capabilities. In some ways better than Launch. Much may be needed for initial diagnosis. Comfortable price, but the need for a laptop. It is more convenient to watch on a monitor, such as a laptop. It is tied only to the car by VIN. But you can tie up 1, 2, 5 or an unlimited number of programs. For example, we use two licenses on two different laptops and with different adapters. Therefore, this is possible if you pool your money with a friend (which is cheaper by a couple of thousand) and buy 2 licenses.

The main Appcar DiagFCA features:

  • Reading and erasing all DTC Fault codes from all systems available on the vehicle
  • Reading identification data from all vehicle systems, such as part numbers and software versions, VIN numbers recorded in each module
  • Showing Live Data – current parameters available on each of the systems
  • Testing and controling of selected actuators such as valves, relays, lighting and more
  • Programming and configuring many unique features
  • Activation and deactivation of selected vehicle equipment
  • Key Fob programming New! – beta version
  • PIN Code reading New! – beta version

In general, this program does not work very well with a diesel engine – it does not know how to carry out adaptations, it does not even carry out all tests of actuators. So Launch remains in the lead in terms of diesel engine, yielding to Star Scan and Bosch KTS.


3. Devices based on StarScan (with screen), StarMobile (CDA5), wiTECH, Micropod VCI

All require a complete diagnosis of a Windows PC. It is more convenient and much wider possibilities, especially StarMobile. It seems like all these devices want IP and can work (not all of course) over LAN and Wi-Fi. The cost of dealer scanners and their broken analogs,

— StarMobile is a separate round of diagnostics. You need to have this device with you, a bunch of wires, a laptop. Good configuration for a laptop. But the diagnostics are the strongest, stronger than Launch and DiagFCA. After all, StraMobile is dealer equipment – a scanner. A lot of things in it are incomprehensible, a lot can be spoiled, registered, overwritten, rewritten versions of modules and microprograms. But also a lot of things known only to a narrow circle of diagnosticians. The one who has it at work, he has it. The rest does not make sense to buy it, it is a very large amount. In principle, nothing is needed for diagnostics, but you can have dealer access (to update the firmware of the modules).


wiTech You need to clarify the possibilities for diagnosing the year and brand of your car. It is also better to have dealer access. The latest scanner at dealers today is called Micropod. There are Chinese clones on the market. They work autonomously, it is necessary to remove the Internet from the laptop. Dealer access by the way, you can buy for a while. Like for a day, a month. Perhaps in some other way. Check info and report: Micropod II + wiTech + DRBIII


4. Launch dongles

There are already many reports. Works on Android. Golo, iDiag, EasyDiag, etc. Can do a lot, convenient, always in your pocket. Moreover, the latest new versions of dongles (version 3.0) do not go well, and the launch itself closed the free diagnostics shop.

Launch X431/Thinkdiag I can advise Launch to those who do not want to mess with Windows and laptops. Initial data for diagnostics. But there is also something missing (for example, not everyone needs to kill the car by prescribing injectors). It is necessary to follow the subroutine number, for jeeps like the latest version is 32.50. It is convenient that you can use all this on your phone. And it reads any car, because a set of programs is linked to its dongle by its number. Do not lose the dongle, this is the most valuable thing.

When programming DRL (DRL), we can use DiagFCA and StarMobile to set the voltage on the headlights, but there is no such possibility in Launch.

Then I came to the conclusion that one of the best scanners for the Jeep is the Launch x-431 iDiag. It was then relatively inexpensive, and it offered very wide opportunities. No, of course the dealer scanner could do more, but it also cost twenty times more.

Launch App

What to choose?
At the beginning of 2022, DiagFCA wins in terms of price/possibilities. But it requires a computer, which not everyone drives a car permanently. Therefore, for field diagnostics field, it is quite possible to use OBD JSCAN app, which can be installed on an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Well, the best part is that one ELM327 adapter is suitable for these two programs. 

Launch wins in terms of diesel models and convenience. If you are a professional guy, stick onto witech. There is much positive feedback on the Chinese clone thro.

Good luck!