Cannot Connect to GM MDI/MDI2 ‘Software Out of Date’ Solution

Here comes the solution to GM MDI/MDI2 multiple interfaces cannot connect the device, the software doesn’t recognize the device problem.

Gm Mdi2 Not Connect To Mdi 1

Cannot connect to MDI problem usually can be solved by mdi firmware upgrade, check How to Update GM MDI & MDI2 Firmware?


If failed to update firmware and reported an error ‘MDI software is out of date’, you may have to format the SD card.

Gm Mdi2 Not Connect To Mdi 2


Remove MDI/MDI2 mainboard

Gm Mdi2 Not Connect To Mdi 3
Take out the SD card, format SD card

Format Sd Card 1
or replace with a new SD card

Try connecting MDI again, it should work without issue.


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