CGDI MB with Full Adapters or VVDI MB with 4 Adapters?

CGDI MB with full adapters or VVDI MB with 4 adapter, which one is the best to get?


  1. Look at the package of CGDI MB with full adapters (including EIS Test Line + ELV Adapter + ELV Simulator + AC Adapter + New NEC Adapter):

Cg Mb Full 01

With new Diode equipped, which make infrared more sensitive to keyless go key. No need to replace diode chip yourself anymore.


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EIS/ELV Test Line for Mercedes (without Having to Get on the Car)

Mercedes Locks Platform Test Line for W204 W212 W221 W164 W166 W205 W222

Scope of Application:

The EIS ELV maintenance

Key programmer

Detection key


ELV Repair Adapter:

  1. Automatically forced clearingcontents
  2. Enable ELV,Get out of suspended anim ation
  3. Virgin,Solve accidental errors
  4. Test Write ELV,Determine if it is working properly
  5. W204 W207 W212 W209 W906 Reparing locked chip


CGDI ELV Simulator Renew ESL for Benz 204 207 212:

CGDI MB ELV Emulator is newly released adapter by CGDI Company, which can Renew ESL for Benz 204 207 212, work with CGDI MB Benz key programmer, can do the same function with Xhorse ELV Emulator with cheaper price.


Most W204 W207 W212 ESL will damage with EIS. In this case, there are two possible reasons and solution:

ESL motor is damaged and need to replace a new motor

NEC chip is locked, theoretically it can be unlock, actually it needs to replace new ESL.


CGDI MB AC Adapter Features:

Acquire data via OBD at a quick speed

No need to dismantle EIS

No need to plug and insert the cable

Save much data acquisition time


New NEC Adapter (No Need Soldering):

CGMB-NEC Adapter support NEC keys erase, read & write, more convenient, faster and more efficient. No Need Soldering.


The NEC adapter has two functions:

  1. the left row pin-for smart key
  2. the right row pin-for non-smart key

One adapter helps you to solve two major problems.


  1. Look at the package of VVDI MB with 4 adapters (1 set VVDI MB BGA TOOL,1 set MB BGA TOOL EIS/ELV Test Line and 1 set NEC Key Adapter)

Vvdi Mb Full 02


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Users feedback speak louder than the manufacture’s claim:

  1. I have vvdi mb, my friend has cdgi. Both are good. Compare the prices

I bought an emulator for vvdi mb. Cables I made myself.

You’ll need a power adapter for a vvdi mb


  1. I love my CGDI fast and never got me lose money


  1. I have both but cgdi mb is my favorite no doubt.


  1. CGDI have fast server and all is working i test all device.


  1. CGDI better for me.


  1. I don’t have either, but vvdi everyone talks wonders, and I’m sure the price has something to do with it.




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Hope it helps!