Autel MaxiVCI VCI100 vs. VCI200 Bluetooth Interface

Let’s get straight to the point. Check the table comparison below to see the difference between the Autel MaxiVCI VCI100 and the VCI200 Bluetooth vehicle communication interface.

Autel Maxivci VCI 100 Autel MaxiVCI VCI 200
Image Autel Maxisys Vci100 Maxivci V200
Parameter Size: L 5.5 in. x W 3.5 in. x H 1.5 in
Compatible devices Compatible with MS906BT, MS906TS, MK908, MS908, MS908S Pro, MS908 Pro, MK908P and Maxisys Elite.

Autel MaxiIM series IM508/IM608.

Compatible with the current line of Autel MaxiSys Diagnostic Tablets: MS906S Pro, MS906Pro-TS, MS909, MS919, Ultra etc

MaxiBAS BT608, MaxiBAS BT609, ITS600, ITS600Pro

Autel MaxiIM series IM508/IM608. (Note: Not compatible with Auro IM500/IM600)

Supports DoIP No Yes
Supports CAN FD (4-pin sets) No Yes
Built-in Battery Yes Yes
LED Light with LED Light with LED
USB 2.0 2.0
Communications BT V.2.1 + EDR BT5.0 + EDR


The MaxiVCI VC200 is a replacement Bluetooth vehicle communication interface. This is an optional Bluetooth VCI adapter for the MaxiSys series of tools and a replacement dongle for the MaxiBAS tools.


Be careful this vci  is not compatible with MaxiBAS BT508 autel tablet only with the phone.



Q: Is there a bluetooth connector and docking station available for the ms 909? If not would the 919 come with it?

A: Only docking station is for the ultra and the elite, will not work with any others, the 909/919/Ultra can use any VCI made by Autel (VCI, VCI mini, VCI v100, VCI v200.


Q: Does the vci200 connects faster then the vci100?

A: Yes, V200 works much better.  VCI200 works exceptionally quick with my new Autel tablets.


Q: Does VCI have the newer protocols?

A: Yes, supports DoIP and CAN FD.


Q: If the vci v200 will pair with the autel ultra?

A: The VCI200 that is included with the BT608, the ITS600, MS90S will pair.
The VCI200P that is included with the low level battery testers will not.


Q: Worth getting over the vci100? Going to be pairing up to my ms909.

A:  With a 909 unless your using the VCI a lot for J2534 work I wouldn’t bother. I recommend adding the V200 to 919 and Ultra’s because the VCMI is just so big!
But if you are using the J2534 then yes go for the VCI200 over the VCI100.


Q: Will VCI200 pair with IM608?
A: Yes, it pair VCI200 with IM608/IM608 Pro. No need to buy a CAN-FD adapter for your JVCI, just grab a VCI200 and go!


Q: Will a autel maxisys ultra pair with v100?

A: Yes it will. Sometimes it’s finicky to connect but it does pair and work normally. Definitely makes life easier than lugging out the VCMI every time.

You will need to open your VCMI manager then select VCI BT on the left side. If the V100 is plugged into a car, it will show up here. Then just pick the device on the right side and done. Should show paired/connected when you’re all finished.

Connect Vci With Ultra 1

Q: can I use the V200 vci with the 905 mini? can’t seem to get it to connect

A: No, ms905 firmware too old, can pair with vci100. Check vci200 compatible devices table above.


Q: Is there a Dongle that can be used with the ultra, carry around the vci and that cord is a pain.

A: You can use any blue tooth VCI VCI100, vci200 or VCI Mini, even the new VCI from the bt609 work great.


Q: can a vci200 be paired with the elite?

A: Yes, it can.